Le mani della città

[the Hands of the City] In 2009 a violent heartquake destroyed L’Aquila, causing 309 victims and thousands of homeless citizens. Seven years after, it’s become the largest construction site in Europe. The project tells about its new working class silently rebuilding houses and hope.


Anna, grandma born in L’Aquila on 1927, whispers a secret word in the ear of her great-granddaughter Julia, born in 2012. The circular time speaks of intergenerational memory. The “immota manet” keeps alive the soul of the city during post-earthquake reconstruction.

Post Porn Grrrlz

2012. The post-porn wave works to deconstruct society’s clichés and stereotypes about sexuality and gender identities, propagated by decades of mainstream pornography.

La Nobile Arte

La Nobile Arte is a grafting of photography and performing art about violence of love. An open reflection about the evocative image of boxing and the elected number of this noble art: the Two.

Off Site Art

Off Site Art is a public art project in L’Aquila, Italy. Since 2014 we organize in public and non-conventional areas events, call for arts, expositions of emerging artists, supervising every step from the initial project to the creation.