La Nobile Arte

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 ”How much vital capacity do I need to contain you?

How much vital capacity do I have when you’re not here?

How much vital capacity do I have when I remember how I felt having you beside me?”

La Nobile Arte, designed by Valentina Beotti and Claudia Pajewski // with: Valentina Beotti // exhibit: Claudia Pajewski // performance : 25 minutes // // Trailer: 


An empty room. A boxeur. An audience and a distant but intrusive context. A match in three rounds on the hunt for a meaning. What does create empathy with our own opponent?

La Nobile Arte develops on two different ways of expression made equal by the evocative image of boxing. From a performing point of view, the core is the feeling of love. The photographic part focuses on theme of identity. Love and identity are intended as part of a unicum, in which getting lost in somebody becomes epiphany to develop all the infinite possibilities of the self.

Designed by Valentina Beotti and Claudia Pajewski, The Noble Art is a non-objective investigation on violence of love; on the meaning given to it during its absence; on the indecipherability it takes while we live it; on the unequivocal meaning we give to it once we lose it. Three rounds of a match and few sublime seconds capable of justifying its entire lasting.



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